WELCOME to my first blog!

Welcome! I am glad to say that this is my first blog. You are welcome to comment on the various educational technologies that I will post information on in the next few weeks. There are links to the various technologies so that you can view samples of how each of the technologies work. Enjoy!

I hope that this will help me and you increase the use of technology in the classroom to enhance our students learning.

The Beauty of Google

Differentiated Instruction with Google Interactive Presentation

The link above is a short power point presentation that I created using Google Docs. I have some difficulties creating the power point when formatting the text size. And I was disappointed to learn that I would not be able to record my voice directly from the Google Docs. This is very similar to Word power point presentation, however with it being online, there a number of benefits for students.

Students can access a presentation and change or edit what is asked and return it to the teacher. This can be used for various subjects. It could be given as homework, practice before a test, or peer review when they are creating their own presentations for projects. I did enjoy creating this presentation because I did not know that this was available. Too many times, teachers are unaware of the technologies that are online that they reason they do not use it is because no one has pointed it out to them.

I will be bringing this information back to my school and hopefully the teachers will find the benefits that I did from using the Google Interactive Presentation. Please view the Google presentation to see some of the benefits that teachers and students could experience from this technology.

Thankfully, Google Docs offers many features, such as help tools and templates for anyone that is unsure of what to create in Google docs. This ready-made template site can be helpful to students that are just starting to use Google docs in the classroom or to help them get started on projects at home.