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I hope that this will help me and you increase the use of technology in the classroom to enhance our students learning.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3rd Workshop Session

I think that at this point, I want to introduce more software to the staff, school-wide, because as I go through classrooms, I see that more people are using the SMART Notebook software on a regular basis and have become more comfortable with its use. I think that differentiated instruction needs to be refocused for the staff, but an increased number of staff members are utilizing the software for that specific need.
After my third session, I have 1 staff member that has attended regularly, and 5 new attendees. The majority of staff members that have been attending are those that are unfamiliar with the SMART Notebook software. This is great to see that more and more staff members are interested in learning about the software to use for their own lessons. Each member are slowly learning how to adapt the software for differentiated instruction activities, but each member has used their time wisely while attending the sessions being offered.

I have had a number of staff members mention that Monday afternoons are “not good” for them to attend because of scheduling and their own graduate/ MSDE courses that they have to attend. They have requested that I try and schedule a different day sometime soon and consistently ask, “when is the next session?” so they could attend.

Unfortunately, January is the shortest month for the school days and I think that the staff would feel overwhelmed if I introduced anything new for D.I. purposes. I think I will stick to 1 after-school session on a Monday and ask my principal if I could have a session for the professional development day that is scheduled at the end of the month. Therefore, I could introduce a new piece of the SMART Notebook D.I. work sessions and introduce utilizing the Discovery Education online resources that the county has paid for each staff member to use across the school system.

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