WELCOME to my first blog!

Welcome! I am glad to say that this is my first blog. You are welcome to comment on the various educational technologies that I will post information on in the next few weeks. There are links to the various technologies so that you can view samples of how each of the technologies work. Enjoy!

I hope that this will help me and you increase the use of technology in the classroom to enhance our students learning.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Free podcast thanks to a classmate!

Try out this audiopal. I really like that this is free and it literally took me 2 minutes. I think that this type of technology could come in handy whenever a student is absent. Too many times I forget to hand out an assignment, or have to remember what the student missed, especially those that are out for weeks at a time. All I did was type in what I wanted to be said and that was it. This could easily be added into a wikispace on a homework page and the homework could be explained to a student online. So not only could a student get an explanation of homework while they are out sick, but they could begin the work before actually returning to school. Taking 5 to 10 minutes each day about the lesson or homework and posting it online can really avoid some major headaches with students trying to catch up on work, on my end and their end.

Try making your own! Audiopal


  1. Great idea about using Audiopal to keep students up to date on missed work. Could you assign a student each week in your class to keep the Audiopal clips updated?

  2. Oh I love it! Even though I teach middle school, students love getting extra little assignments from the teacher to keep them busy-- it could really help if students finish early. Great addition to the idea!