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Welcome! I am glad to say that this is my first blog. You are welcome to comment on the various educational technologies that I will post information on in the next few weeks. There are links to the various technologies so that you can view samples of how each of the technologies work. Enjoy!

I hope that this will help me and you increase the use of technology in the classroom to enhance our students learning.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Google Galore

Google docs is a wonderful tool that I think many school systems might be failing to realize the opportunities it provides for students. More and more students want a variety of products to choose from when they are given assignments in school. Most teachers require the same type of projects. If teachers asked students to create a survey, collect the data, and use the data as part of an experiment or mathematical simulation, their education becomes more real, more authentic to them. I think students need to understand the many options that are available to them. This survey for instance is as simple as editing and add. Students from all types of backgrounds can easily create such an item for a project.

Graphic Organizer

Students can also have access to creating their OWN graphic organzier to best fit their needs. Too many times the classroom is a teacher-directed instructional area. This puts the academics into the students hands. The biggest downfall for this current technology is that it can only be used and produce the drawings using Google Chrome (which I know AACPS does not currently have available). However, this option would also be nice for teachers because sometimes a teacher needs to create their own graphic organizer, but it becomes a time consuing process because they either draw the actual shape in a document, or use Inspiron or Kidspiration. These programs are paid for by the school system, but tend to be complicated and does not format a document well. Sometimes simplicity is best for teachers AND students. Google drawings allows for that simplicity to take place.

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